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Auto air filter - what are the visual clues to replace it?

How can I tell when my car's air filter needs to be changed? It's not buried under under an inch of dust - but there is a light film of dust on all the surfaces. Are there any photos out there that will teach me to tell the difference between fine and replace?Auto air filter - what are the visual clues to replace it?
the way i tell,is that i hold it up to the light and if i cant see light through it,then i replace it,also you can roll it around a trouble light too.Auto air filter - what are the visual clues to replace it?
Can you see sunlight through it?


Replace it.Auto air filter - what are the visual clues to replace it?
I replace mine once a year or every 12,000


Its cheap prevenitive maintence.

How do you clean fuel injectors on a 96 ford contour?

we have been using an additive to the gas, just about everytime we fill up the car. don't know when the car had last tune-up. had the car a little over a year, so far. bought it used from a local off the wall dealer. also, how do you know when you have to change the air filter? i don't know anything about vehicles. thought about bringing the car to a mechanic shop earlier today, to put it on a machine to find out where the problem is coming from...but don't want them to charge me for all kinds of different things that aren't necessary at the moment. one more thing...what happens when a sensor goes out on a car? any suggestions please?How do you clean fuel injectors on a 96 ford contour?
Forget all the other cheap additives....they don't work that well. Get a product called %26quot;Guaranteed To Pass%26quot; as far as additives are concerned it is expensive...but its less than $10....put it in a full tank of gas and drive on the freeway until you are almost on empty. That will clean out every part of the system including the fuel injectors.

As for air filters.....just open it up and have a look. There is no time rule, if it looks nasty...get a new one, they are really cheap and easy to replace.

If you have problems after that I would look up the number of fuel filters you have and get ALL of them replaced. Most people never do that, not sure why but they don't.How do you clean fuel injectors on a 96 ford contour?
find a shop that will sell you some bg44k this is the stuff all of the major manufacturers use to clean your engine when you take it to a dealer ford gm bmw Mercedes Honda Lexus all use it its about 15 bucks a can your check engine light will come on it is a self diagnostic when the lights on a sensor is bad. remove your filter and look between the pleats if its dirty get a new oneHow do you clean fuel injectors on a 96 ford contour?
Not quite sure Y. The best stuff I found and use is %26quot;Lucas fuel injector cleaner%26quot;. You don't have to do any unnecessary driving. A minor tune-up consists of oil, oil filter, spark plugs, wires if grungy or high mileage, air filter %26quot;rec. 12k.%26quot;, fuel filter on mileage 50k.

Your car has over 50 senors need more info !!!!!How do you clean fuel injectors on a 96 ford contour?
Sounds like you're having some minor but irritating problems with the way it's running. If you have a Pep Boys Automotive store in our area, they are really reasonable and do great diagnostic work. Take it in for a tune-up, and ask them to call you if anything else needs attention--that way you will be able to make informed decisions.How do you clean fuel injectors on a 96 ford contour?
Usually when a sensor goes bad, the check engine soon light would usually come on. It really isn't necessary to put injector additive on every fillup. You should change the air filter, when of course, its dirty looking. May have to actually pull it out to see the opposite side. Best time to get a tuneup done is about 100,000 miles on it.

Where is the fuel filter located on a 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited? Also what's the cost to get it replaced?

Car sputters when starting to accelerate. Already changed spark plugs, air filter, oil filter, no check engine light

How much would the fuel filter to get replaced by a professional or mechanic?Where is the fuel filter located on a 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited? Also what%26039;s the cost to get it replaced?
this is the worst design ever! the filter element is in the tank and is designed to be cleared by the sloshing of the fuel in the tank. more than likely this is not your problem, but to pull the tank and replace what is there will be in the $250 range.

How do I fix my dusty house?

I live in a 25 year old house with my husband and son. We are clean people. I clean and dust everyday but there is still so much dust on everything. I dont live near a dusty road or have any pets or anything that would obviously cause dust. Its driving me crazy! What is causing it and what can i do to fix it?

The only thing that I can think of is the people who lived here before us didnt keep up the house at all and we moved in and totally cleaned everything really good but maybe there is something we missed? I dont know.

Also we change our air filter regularly.

Thanks in advance! :)How do I fix my dusty house?
My mom and I get the air ducts cleaned AT LEAST once a year. The dust gets really bad near the end. We usually call Stanley Steamer, and you have to leave you house when they do it (and animals but you don't have any). It makes the house just feel better, makes me feel better with my allergies!How do I fix my dusty house?
An air purifier would help, as well as not keeping your windows open too much. Also, use oxyclean.How do I fix my dusty house?
everyday you just may have to dust here and there till you get it back under controllHow do I fix my dusty house?
You aren't going to believe this but trust me. Open all windows and doors, get a leaf blower and blow everything towards openings. Will create a huge dust storm. This has built up over the past quarter century and is ingrained rather deep. Now change filter again and dust with a damp cloth, washing out regularly. If obsessed with cleanliness , use original formula Lysol mixed per directions. It'll kill 99% of germs, remove dust and leave a slight shine. If floors are wood , repeat using mop. If carpet, clean and vacuum thoroughly.How do I fix my dusty house?
If I were you, I would try Jame's suggestion. It sounds like it might workHow do I fix my dusty house?
i was gonna say get an air filter but you already have one!!

james's idea sounds crazy enough to work!

How do I take off the engine cover on my 2007 VW Rabbit?

I need to change the air filter, but I don't want to break the engine cover/damage anything else, and don't want to go to the dealership.How do I take off the engine cover on my 2007 VW Rabbit?
disconnect the air intake with channels locks. It takes some muscle but you just have to pull it straight up and off. Start with the front of the engine cover and pull up then go to the back. there sould be 4 nipples attached to the motor just pull the rubber grommets off of those nipples and reinsert them back into the engine cover prior to putting it back on. the filter is inside the engine cover. Good Luck.How do I take off the engine cover on my 2007 VW Rabbit?
You do not need to remove the engine cover. It is a separate panel.How do I take off the engine cover on my 2007 VW Rabbit?
What? You trying to find out how to open the hood? Release handle down on drivers left leg area in car...pull on handle unlocks the hood, then go to the front of the car and feel under the hood for another lever and press it to unlatch it and lift hood up. I do not know what else an engine cover could be.
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  • Changing a stock air filter with a performance one?

    I have a 1991 honda accord lx and I have stock intake piping and a stock filter. I would like instructions on how to replace the stock air filter with a performance air filter. I know that I need to take out the air filter box but there is this hose thats connected to it and I dont know what to do with it. If someone could give me instructions on how to replace this part for my car that would be great.

    Here is the link to the type of air filter I will get. Its from PepBoys. a stock air filter with a performance one?
    your wasting your money/that junk wont do anything for your car/your better off with 12 bucks worth of pipe from home depot/that car has a computer that runs it and all you will do is lose gas milage as the computer trys to compensate for the vacuum loss/waste of timeChanging a stock air filter with a performance one?
    ok heres how to do it. take out the intake box. you will be left with the piping. then just slip the piping over the aftermarket intake and tighten the clamp. and thats how you do itChanging a stock air filter with a performance one?
    Think long and hard about what you're about to do. Your standard air-filter box draws in cold air from up under the fender. Cold air contains more oxygen than under hood hot air. This thing from Pep Boys is minus the hot under-hood intake manifolding. It's worthless as it's pictured here. More worthless sucking in hot under hood air after spending your money on it with the manifolding where ever it is.

    Replace your standard air cleaner element with a direct fit K%26amp;N for less than %26amp;55.00 or buy a complete N%26amp;N *cold air intake for @275.00.

    Gutless Ford Ranger part 2?

    It is a V6 2.9 rebuilt at Fallon Auto Mall (a ford shop) in Fallon, NV: since, with less than 500 miles, tune up with oil change, air %26amp; fuel filter change. When I put the accellerator to the floor it will %26quot;creep%26quot; to a higher speed and after about 2 miles tops at 80MPH with a strong tail wind. The exhaust system is also rather new (aprox. 1000 miles).

    Even with a rebuilt engine my '88 Ranger 4 X 4 looses 20 MPH on a slight incline and drops dramatically as the hills steepen. Any ideas how I can increase the power?Gutless Ford Ranger part 2?
    If the engine head was not remanufactured then the valve guides might be leaking sporadically. Do a compression test on each cylinder at different engine rpms. If the compression occasionally drops in a cylinder then air is leaking around the valves and through the valve guides.Gutless Ford Ranger part 2?
    lol, yea, by buying a Jeep!Gutless Ford Ranger part 2?
    Is it an automatic? If so, could be the torque converter.

    Oversized tires and hiway gears? The taller tires would change the final gear ratio and it would move like a sled.

    Plugged cat conv?

    Incorrct timing?